Wisdom, Virtue & Rubies

Woman…. I see her as a priceless work of art birthed from God’s unimaginable imagination.  Her form is of incomparable beauty, carefully hand-crafted with exquisite detail and filled with strength, intellect, courage, and creativity.

Wisdom, Virtue, & Rubies…..Proverbs 31:10 asks, “Who can find a virtuous woman?  For her price is far above rubies.”  A woman was created to be wise, to be virtuous, and to be of value far greater than the rare ruby stone.

Today, we as women are highly educated, skillfully trained, and proudly independent.  Yet, lately, I find myself frequently asking the following questions:

–         What was God’s original design and plan for me as a woman?

–         Are my plans in line with His?

–         What’s really on the heart of God, and in what way did He design me to bring delight to His heart?

–         Am I a wise woman?

–         What does it really mean to be virtuous?

–         And what’s so special about a darn ruby; aren’t diamonds supposed to be a girl’s best friend?  LOL!

–         How do I return to the original form and character given to me by my Father?

Wisdom, Virtue, & Rubies….Is it vastly unreasonable to think that, in all of our remarkable accomplishments as women, we’ve fallen short of God’s original plan and design for His daughters?  It saddens me to see that we’re high on degrees but low on wisdom, high on vision but low on virtue, valuable in the marketplace but not to the face in the mirror.

Wisdom, Virtue, and Rubies speaks of the character and value of God’s original design for women.  Personally, there’s no woman I’d rather be than the woman of God’s original intent and design.  Is that your desire, as well?  I caution you to think carefully before you answer.  You may find, as I did at the start of my journey, your answer and your current life story, sadly, do not agree.  Let’s journey together, shall we.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Aliscia H.
    Jul 02, 2009 @ 15:30:58

    This is something I myself need to read, thanks for letting God use you in putting out this Blog for all Godly woman to see.


  2. Waverly W
    Jul 02, 2009 @ 21:48:08

    Thank you Monica for this awesome word. Continue to allow God to use you to minister to HIS women. We need your voice and pen in the earth.


  3. Brittney Williams
    Jul 03, 2009 @ 00:44:23

    Amazing!!! This has truly touched my heart. Women around the world need to read this.


  4. Dinney
    Jul 03, 2009 @ 11:18:10

    I applaud your effort to raise the consciouness of women to get back to basics. As women of God our fundamental goals and desires should be geared toward seeking God’s will first, and consequently relying on Him for increase.enrichment,and expansion of our purpose, which will be aligned with His plan for our lives. Invariably connecting with God’s plan equates to success. Well done Monica….


  5. Marci
    Jul 08, 2009 @ 08:03:32

    AWESOME Word!! Thank you for being obedient to God’s call on your life! I am sure that this will bless and touch the hearts of many women in this world!


    Oct 20, 2009 @ 19:50:52

    Monica! This was so great…especially the realization that “our lives are not our own”…this makes me sit back & think about how when we/I say “Lord use me”…we have no idea what that may involve.
    Keep serving the Lord in your writing. Let the Lord use your hands,ears & heart in your writings so that you can touch women & the people in their lives!


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