I have missed you….


It’s true!  I really have missed you so much, my friends, and I’ve thought of you quite a bit.  I know you think I’m pulling your leg, but ask yourself this one very important question:  Would a wise, virtuous, and valuable woman lie to her sisters?  Absolutely not!

You truly can’t imagine how often I’ve felt pressed to write something, anything, but I had so much in my mind, on my heart, and spirit and seemingly not enough time to sort it all out and figure out what to share first.

I just checked the date published for my last post, and I was saddened to find that it was almost a month ago.  Can you believe it?!  My goal for the year was once a week, and I’d been doing so well.  I guess I fell off the blog wagon, the BLOGON, lol….  Seriously, though, if you knew the twists and turns my life has taken in the  past month, well really since the end of June you’d cut me a little slack…I think. 🙂  Well, I hope you would.

It was that doggone trip to LA LA Land.  That’s what did it! I haven’t forgotten that I promised to share more of my revelation from that trip, and I will.

In the meantime, to get my fingers typing again I just thought I’d share a quick run down of some of the ways I’ve been occupying my time since I’ve been M.I.A.:

1.  Contemplating “next steps” – Life can seem so complicated sometimes, don’t you agree?  But I’m learning that God truly is faithful to provide wisdom and direction for every season of life we enter.

2.  Studying Genesis 2 & 3 – The Lord is really pressing me to learn about and teach about marriage to His daughters.  (More to come later) I almost couldn’t sleep one night; I was just so in awe of the account of the creation of the first man and the first woman.  SMH(shaking my head, for those of you who may not be up on your 21st century shorthand, lol) ….  It blesses me each and every time I read it.

3.  Contemplating the future of the Full Circle Women’s Fellowship Facebook page – To be or NOT to be on Facebook.  That is the question.  I’ll be the first to admit I’ve not been very good at regular status updates.  Part of the reason for that is because I like REAL contact, not the pseudo-community social networking sites have created for us.  I think I’m going to try one more option for about a month or so then make my decision.  If you’re on the FCWF facebook page, by all means PLEASE sound off.  What would you like to see happen there?  Do you pay attention to the page at all, or does it just get caught in the clutter of your news feed like everything else?

4.  Scouting for a new church home – I don’t know about you, but as an unmarried woman, looking for a church home is a pretty lonely journey.  It was cool years ago, but now I’m feeling the family bug, and I really would rather not have to do this alone.  Just being honest.  God is faithful, though.  I think I may be closing in on a place to rest. 🙂

5.  Interviewing for jobs – enough said…

6.  Wondering when Fall is coming and thinking it’s not coming SOON ENOUGH!

7.  Studying John 11:1-45 – I REALLY want to teach from this passage.  My goodness!  There is just so much there – so many emotions, so many lessons in faith.  One night I found myself jotting down notes in my journal AND another notebook.  The word of God is intoxicating to me!

I guess that’s enough for now.  What have you been doing during this unplanned hiatus?  Let me know what’s been going on in your world.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

    Aug 16, 2010 @ 17:27:13

    Hey lady! Hope all is well In Hotlanta! We miss you! I’m going to read John 11:1-45 tonight…thnx


  2. Wanda
    Aug 16, 2010 @ 18:29:22

    Well I’m glad to see you’ve gotten around to posting on your blog dear. I’ll have to check out Full Circle Women’s Fellowship on Facebook, although I’ve been limiting my time on that greedy time sucking activity…hahah Now you’ve made me curious to see what John 11 says. I’ve been doing read through the Bible in year plan since June and it’s amazing how my love for the book has grown. Hope you’ll be sharing some insights soon.


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