Saying “Happy Birthday” to Jesus?

There are no kiddos in the house, this Christmas.  Yet, I still awakened around 5 am this morning.  Maybe, since I slept in my childhood bed, last night, my internal Christmas memory clock was working overtime.  🙂

My ears take note of  the sweet little birdie chirping outside my window.  As I stop to listen to her song (of course, I think she’s a girl :-)), I begin to wonder if she knows what today is.  Is she singing happy birthday to Immanuel – God with us?  Her sound is so sweet.  As she continues to sing her praises, my mind begins to wander.

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” – Isaiah 9:6 ESV

How do I say “happy birthday” to Jesus?  Suddenly, the words “Happy Birthday” seem far too impotent to offer up to the one who was born simply to die – for me, for you, for us.  Doesn’t “Happy Birthday” just sound too simple for a Savior?

I’m so thankful the Father knows the limitations of the English vocabulary.  On this Christmas morning, I’m so humbled to know that I can utter a “Happy Birthday” and rest assured that those modest words are translated from my mouth to His ears into the unspeakable joy, indescribable admiration, and unquestionable appreciation of my heart!

Merry Christmas to each one of you who stops by this post today.  I pray your day is filled with an acute awareness of the unmatched love of Jesus Christ – the one who came to this earth, born as a baby, with an assignment to die.  May we joyfully celebrate Him with our loved ones today and be a little envious of those loved ones who have gone on to celebrate with Him in heaven!

Wise, Virtuous, Valuable,


Mary – Mother of Jesus – Take 2

Good morning, afternoon, or evening – whichever is the case for you when you read this post.  It’s morning for me right now, and I am up WAY too early for a day off.  But, I had some writing things, some laundry things, some clean up things, etc that seemed to be poking me asking, “Are you awake”.  Finally, I mumbled the usual, “I’m up now” response and decided to get up and get moving.  I tossed a load of clothes in the washer and now here I am.

I hope you had an opportunity to read the post I sent you to yesterday.  If so did you enjoy MaryBeth Whalen’s “Pondering and Peaceful“?  I hope it blessed you as much as it blessed me.

Yesterday was a crazy busy day for me, but I lassoed a few moments to read another post by a blogger friend of mine.  There’s quite a bit of chatter and clicking of keyboards about Mary this Christmas season.  Maybe it’s because sometimes we inadvertently diminish her role in the story of Christ’s birth.  To me, she said the second most powerful “YES” of all times, falling right in line behind Jesus’ “YES” to the cross.  Wow!  That’s what I’m pondering this morning.  🙂  Thank you Jesus for saying YES!

So the ladies are  tapping into her courage this season and uncovering some amazing lessons we all can use.  (You know the sisters have to stick together! lol…)  I told Wanda, of The Watered Soul, that as I’ve read these posts on Mary, from different writers, I’ve enjoyed seeing how the Spirit of the Lord leads each person to see something fresh or from a different angle.  So today, I’m sending you over to Wanda’s place.  Her post from Tuesday is entitled “Favor Has Its Own Cost“.  I absolutely loved the insight she received about the favor of God resting on Mary.  Yet we all know it couldn’t have been all nuts and berries for a teenage virgin girl, engaged to be married, but somehow ending up pregnant.  Those had to be rough waters, indeed.

So, I’ll close here, and you head on over to Wanda’s to read “Favor Has Its Own Cost“.  It’s a pretty short.  I promise you, it took me 3 minutes to read.  I’m sure you have 3 minutes to take in an encouraging word from the heart of God, delivered through one of His faithful daughters.  So pick your 3 minutes and GO!

Wise, Virtuous, Valuable,

P.S. Don’t forget to stay tuned for upcoming news regarding my little bloggy home.  🙂

Mary – Mother of Jesus

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” (sing with me) “everywhere you go”!  Or is it “everywhere WE go”….  “everywhere I go….  Nahhhh, that doesn’t sound right.  Oh well, you get the picture.  Fact is Christmas cometh, and it cometh pretty fast!!!  LOL…  Are you ready?  I’m as ready as I will be.

This year, I officially figured out that I don’t like Christmas shopping.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy buying gifts for those I love, but I DON’T enjoy feeling the pressure to buy gifts for each and every one of them all at one time!  OMG, it wears me out mentally, because I am SO not a good at selecting gifts.  You know how some folks just seem to always know how to buy the PERFECT gift?  Yeah, those people.  Well, I’m not one of them, and it makes me stressful!  If I’m stressed out then chances are I have truly taken my eyes and thoughts off the true meaning of this season.  I’m spending more time trying to figure out the perfect gift for my dear sisters or mom and dad who, chances are, won’t remember what I gave them this year, this time NEXT year.  *sigh*

So needless to say, I’m re-thinking how I’ll do Christmas gifts next year.

But I digress…

This week, I was supposed to share a post about Mary, the mother of Jesus.  The verses I wanted to use were from Luke 2:18-19.  For the past weeks, I’ve been sitting in on small groups with the middle school girlies at church.  If you read my last post, “Out of the Mouths of Babes” you remember they were discussing, a couple of weeks ago, the shepherds role in the account of the birth of Christ.  (If you didn’t, you can click here or on the title to play catch up and read a cute little story about the girls.)  At home, I began reading Luke chapter 2, and my heart was tugged on verse 19.

Luke 2:19 NASB – “But Mary treasured all these things, pondering them in her heart.”

Now you will have to read a few verses prior to verse 19 to find out what Mary was treasuring in her heart, but I’m hurrying, because I don’t want you to hang out with me today.  Today, I want you to jump over to a post by Author and Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker, MaryBeth Whalen.  As it turns out, the Proverbs 31 devotional from yesterday was written by her.  It was about our beloved Mary, and get this.  The same words that tugged on my heart apparently tugged on her heart, as well.  They were just from a later verse, Luke 2:51, but her post – “Pondering and Peaceful” – is such a timely word for many of our hearts this season.

So please go. now. read.  Click the title below or click here to head on over to the Proverbs 31 site to read the devotional.  If you’d like, you can jump over to MaryBeth Whalen’s own blog –  Cheaper by the Half Dozen – to let her know you checked out her Tuesday, Proverbs 31 devotional.  Even though her blog site says she’s on vacation for a few weeks, I’m sure she’d be blessed by the comments.

I truly enjoy Lysa Terkeurst and the ladies of Proverbs 31 Ministries.  I’m like their invisible little mentee.  I learn so much and receive so much from reading their posts, yet they never see me! LOL….

Ok, so go! now! read! be blessed!  I was!

I have some other news to share about this little blog place I’ve called home for the past year or so, but I’ll share that later.  Stay tuned.

Merry Christmas sisters!!

Wise, Virtuous, Valuable,

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Sunday, at church, I had the grand privilege of being a guest in a small group class of 6th grade girls.  YAY ME!  There were about 8 of them, and I tell you, I quickly learned a few things about 11 and 12 year old girls.  Possibly, the most important thing I learned is that 6th grade girls are like individual cans of steroid infused Red Bull.  EN-ER-GY times ten!!  Oh my!

They chit chat non-stop, and each one has something majorly important to say.  It’s SO important that if she doesn’t say it at the very moment it comes to mind – no matter which one of her peers may be speaking at the time and regardless of what the prevailing topic of the moment is – the earth will sharply tilt on its axis and we will all abruptly fall off into oblivion.  LOL!  I’m laughing, but yes, it’s THAT important!

The group continued its discussion, from the previous week, on the true meaning of Christmas.  The Shepherds took center stage in Sunday’s chat, with the spotlight shining on their supporting role (Luke 2:8-18) in the story of the birth of Christ.   Oh, I wish you could have seen how excited these girls were.  The room absolutely erupted with volunteers wishing to add their insight to the conversation.  As I sat warming my little corner of carpet real estate, I felt so delighted and honored to be in their presence.

Then, just when I thought my heart couldn’t leap for any more joy, this sweet young lady nestled in a corner inserts her hand into the air.  After the group leader gives her permission to speak, she preps the group by admitting that her input is “a little off the subject”.  They’re 11 year olds, so “off the subject” is actually on the subject in their beautiful world.  What was even more beautiful was what this precious child wanted to share.

The young lady (whose name escapes me, unfortunately) shared with her group of bubbly, giggly, girly peers the story of two verses of scripture her father read to her earlier in the week.  To me, it was obvious the Holy Spirit had challenged her to share the verses, because she had her bible open to them as if she had been pining away for just the right moment.  In her soft, yet courageous voice she read these words:

“For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”Romans 8:38, 39

Good stuff, huh?  Yeah, I thought so, too.  I was blown away by how much these verses obviously touched this young child.  When asked if the verses “spoke to her”, she quickly responded “yes”, and I’m sure they did.  What a potent promise of God to lasso and lay claim to so early in life.  It’s a promise that I know sometimes we grown folks tend to forget.  I just can’t tell you how thankful I was to be in that room, at that moment, to be reminded of that promise.

It’s amazing how the promises of God seem to sound so much sweeter flowing out of the mouths of babes.

Until next time…

Wise, Virtuous, Valuable,

P.S.  Won’t you join me in praising the Lord for a Father who takes the time to teach God’s word to his children!  Isn’t that a beautiful thing!

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