Mary – Mother of Jesus – Take 2

Good morning, afternoon, or evening – whichever is the case for you when you read this post.  It’s morning for me right now, and I am up WAY too early for a day off.  But, I had some writing things, some laundry things, some clean up things, etc that seemed to be poking me asking, “Are you awake”.  Finally, I mumbled the usual, “I’m up now” response and decided to get up and get moving.  I tossed a load of clothes in the washer and now here I am.

I hope you had an opportunity to read the post I sent you to yesterday.  If so did you enjoy MaryBeth Whalen’s “Pondering and Peaceful“?  I hope it blessed you as much as it blessed me.

Yesterday was a crazy busy day for me, but I lassoed a few moments to read another post by a blogger friend of mine.  There’s quite a bit of chatter and clicking of keyboards about Mary this Christmas season.  Maybe it’s because sometimes we inadvertently diminish her role in the story of Christ’s birth.  To me, she said the second most powerful “YES” of all times, falling right in line behind Jesus’ “YES” to the cross.  Wow!  That’s what I’m pondering this morning.  🙂  Thank you Jesus for saying YES!

So the ladies are  tapping into her courage this season and uncovering some amazing lessons we all can use.  (You know the sisters have to stick together! lol…)  I told Wanda, of The Watered Soul, that as I’ve read these posts on Mary, from different writers, I’ve enjoyed seeing how the Spirit of the Lord leads each person to see something fresh or from a different angle.  So today, I’m sending you over to Wanda’s place.  Her post from Tuesday is entitled “Favor Has Its Own Cost“.  I absolutely loved the insight she received about the favor of God resting on Mary.  Yet we all know it couldn’t have been all nuts and berries for a teenage virgin girl, engaged to be married, but somehow ending up pregnant.  Those had to be rough waters, indeed.

So, I’ll close here, and you head on over to Wanda’s to read “Favor Has Its Own Cost“.  It’s a pretty short.  I promise you, it took me 3 minutes to read.  I’m sure you have 3 minutes to take in an encouraging word from the heart of God, delivered through one of His faithful daughters.  So pick your 3 minutes and GO!

Wise, Virtuous, Valuable,

P.S. Don’t forget to stay tuned for upcoming news regarding my little bloggy home.  🙂

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