She’s Going to She Speaks

A solid 10 days have passed since I completed my first Blog Challenge, and as you can see it wore me out!  I probably could have kept going, but it has been good to take some time to sit back and reflect on where I want to go from here.  Today, I decided I’d better just dive back in and at least say hi to my friends (that would be you all) before you begin to think I’m still down for the count.  Plus, I have some exciting news to share, but that will come in a minute.

I’ve been playing catch up these past few days, but my schedule hasn’t calmed down much.  In between working full weeks, I’ve traveled back and forth to my hometown two weekends in a row.  Although the drive is a short one, it feels long after working all week.  The thought alone of driving there and driving back makes my eyelids droop with weariness.  However, I must admit both trips brought their own measure of joy that was truly worth the lack of extra rest.

In the midst of it all I’m still working on my blog makeover.  The ball is in my court now, and I’m committed to tossing it back this week (preferably before this day is over).  I can’t wait until it’s all complete and ready for you to see.  I feel like I’m moving into a new home, and many of my quiet thoughts have been directed towards how I want to “decorate” my new place.  You see, I consider the layout and these posts as pictures and mirrors for the walls – the things that decorate a home and the things that reflect the style and heart of the homeowner.  I’m very excited about moving into my new place and having you all over for tea sometime. 😉

Speaking of my new place brings me to the exciting news I promised to share.  The beautiful daughter of God – Lisa Boyd – who is spear-heading this blog transformation (thanks to a blog contest that I won and the favor of the Lord that allowed me to win) is affiliated with Proverbs 31 Ministries.  I am hoping I will get to tell her thank you in person in July when I FINALLY, yes FINALLY, land my little self at my first Proverbs 31 Ministries She Speaks Conference.

Many of you have so graciously listened to my incessant chatter about my desire to attend this conference for Speakers, Writers, and Women’s Ministry Leaders.  I know at least some of you remember me chatting right here on the blog about my multiple contest entries, both last year and this year.  I was serious, y’all!   I’m here to tell you Galatians 6:9 is God’s word, so it can’t fall under any other heading but truth! 🙂

“Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.

This year, girlfriends, it’s on!!

I learned about Proverbs 31 Ministries back in 2004, just as I was about to move 4 ADDITIONAL hours away from the city that hosts the conference each year.  Needless to say I didn’t attend that year or the years that followed.  As a matter of fact, one year after another passed by, and for one reason or another I was unable to attend.  Until now….  Thanks to a payment plan, a scholarship program, some wonderful donations from some wonderful people, and the amazing grace of God, I am ecstatic to share that I will be attending this year’s She Speaks Conference.

Persistence certainly pays, but let’s be honest.  God’s timing is more valuable and always perfect.  I sure hope you allow those last two sentences to sit with you for a bit.  I believe they are meant to bless you in some way today. 🙂

Until next time…

Wise, Virtuous, Valuable,


Reflections from A to Z


I’m sitting on my balcony, enjoying a super nice breeze and reflecting on how I made it through my very first A to Z blog challenge.  The experience taught me a bit about myself as a writer.  First of all, I still love to write on the other side of it, so I figure that is a definite plus.  Some posts were easier to come by than others, and I completed the entire challenge missing only one letter – M.  Now isn’t it ironic that I would miss the letter that graces the beginning of my name.  I could have easily re-published a post about me written before, but I decided not to.  It just didn’t feel like what I was supposed to use for the letter M, so I ended up skipping it altogether.

That decision taught me a little something about my character as a writer.  If it doesn’t feel right to me, I don’t want it out there.  It, also, taught me that timing is everything, and it’s okay to wait for the appropriate message, story, etc and to trust that it will reveal itself at just the right time.  Case in point, my Y post – The Yellow Dress.  If you didn’t get a chance to read it, click on the title to take a peak.  That post seemed to come “out of nowhere”, but it probably flowed easier than any of the 23 others (23, not 24 since I missed M) that paved the way for it.  It was time for that message, that story.

For the writers who donated their time and efforts to host this challenge, if I were wearing a hat I’d certainly tip it to you.  I noticed you perused the blogosphere trying to take a peak at what everyone was doing, and that was quite a task.  Suggestions?  Well, since this was my first one I don’t have anything to compare it to.  I would certainly say it went off without a hitch for me.  The initial instruction was clear, and some of the benefits I experienced were just as you suggested they may be.

Personally, the daily posts certainly helped dig me out of a writing rut strengthen my overall writing habit.  It helped exercise my ability to write on command, an ability I’m guessing will be quite useful to me in the future.  It pulled back the curtain for me and tempted me to toy with transparency – a great necessity for the author I intend to be.  Ultimately, I guess my one suggestion is to do it again….but not anytime soon!  This writer has other projects to work on, but at this moment, I just need a little break!

For those of you who have been following my progress, thank you a million times over.  Your comments were certainly my fuel.  It’s always good to have a little company when you set out into unfamiliar territory, you know.  I hope you will continue to join me here.  I’m still working on a blog home that will be completely new, completely me, and I am completely giving you hints that you probably still won’t figure out.  🙂  That’s ok.  Just say you’ll keep hanging out with me, ok. 🙂

Ok, I’m going to go wash my face now.  The balcony breeze was beautiful, but the pesky pollen was the pits!

See you soon!

Wise, Virtuous, Valuable,

Z End

The letter Z comes at the end of the alphabet,

And this is the end of the A to Z Blog Challenge.

I’m a day late, but I made it.  🙂

And at the end of this great challenge,

Z is all I could muster up for Z.

Although this is the end of the challenge, my pen is just finding its groove.

I hope you will continue to stop by for a visit.


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