Happy Belated Independence Day!

Hello my friends!  Happy belated Independence Day to you!  Did you enjoy your holiday weekend?  I hope you did.  I enjoyed the first half of mine.  Yep!  Only the first half…

I had such high hopes for the long weekend that just waved goodbye to me.  My plan was to write, write, and write some more.  This was going to be my opportunity to cover some major ground concerning the book proposal that I must complete prior to the She Speaks conference later this month.  Saturday was great!  I ordered my business cards for all of the networking that’s expected to take place, and then I got to work.

By Saturday evening/Sunday morning, things were no longer looking so great.  I’d been trying to ignore a familiar pain in one of my shoulders.  I took a little ibuprofen and thought that would take care of it.  Well, my thought was quite incorrect.  Can I just say there’s nothing like being sick and being alone when you’re sick?!  I had 50,000 thoughts flowing through my head – ibuprofen or tylenol, urgent care or emergency room, pain pills or steroid shot.  It was crazy.  I, also, had one patient, loving and kind man to keep me company on the phone, from miles away, as I tried desperately to muffle my tears so he couldn’t hear them.  I did a very poor job, by the way.

Needless to say, Monday morning found me behind the wheel of my car, with only one arm functioning properly, driving myself to the nearest emergency room and begging for someone to just punch me and put me out of my misery.  Long story short, I spent the rest of my long writing weekend either in tears or curled up close to them as I struggled to nurse a wounded shoulder back to health.

For the remainder of the weekend I fought back and forth between writhing in pain and stomping my feet with disappointment.  I have so much to do, and I have so little time.  How could you let this happen, Lord?  I searched and searched for an explanation, a message, a lesson in it all.  I figured this would be good material for a blog post, but I couldn’t for the life of me pull out the “ah ha moment” of it all.  And I still haven’t….  The only conclusion I could come to is that things happen.  Sure I could blame it on the devil and say he was trying to knock me off course or keep me from completing the work God has assigned me.  But isn’t that what everyone does?  If it was the work of a crafty adversary (which he can only do what the Lord allows), I’d rather just ignore him and not give him any air time. Wouldn’t the Father want me to deal with it and keep moving?

Don’t get me wrong.  My head is spinning trying to figure out how I will get back the hours that were lost this weekend due to this crazy rotator cuff tendonitis thingy.  But I have asked the Lord to redeem the time, and that’s all I can do.  That and get back to work, which is what I’m about to do right now.  So, I hope your Independence Day weekend was great!  I hope it involved more BBQ and less Lortab (a narcotic pain pill prescribed by the ER doctor, which, by the way, DID NOT WORK) than mine did.  I hope your week is filled with blessings!

Completely ME,


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