Happy Monday, my friends! 🙂

Confession:  This writing challenge is already proving to be quite a – well – CHALLENGE. I’ve been contemplating the content for this post since I announced the Be Completely You writing challenge the last time we were together. Grant it, I know I need an extra push these days, but wow. If I had a dollar for each time I thought, “really Monica? A writing challenge? What were you thinking”, I know I’d at least have enough for a new fall wardrobe. I started to go back to the A to Z blog challenge from April and sneak in my B post from back then, but I figured that wouldn’t be right. Or would it? Ok, ok, no it wouldn’t be right. 🙂

B is not an easy letter, you know. I guess I could write about a beach, a banana, or barely being able to write these days. The first is where I wish I were right about now. The second is usually my mid-day fruit snack. The latter is just the God’s honest truth. That truth, however, is a bummer and would probably be quite boring to write about (see, two more B words…lol).

Ok, Monica, you’re sounding delirious now. FOCUS!

Where was I? Ahh, yes – the letter B, a writing challenge, and a beautiful new blog home (two more B words. I could just stop here, couldn’t I?). As I continued to think on these three things I realized the obvious place to get this party started was glaring at me from the first word in the title of my self-imposed writing boot camp.

Be. Or in this case, let’s chat about becoming

One day, a few years ago, I said to one of my girlfriends, “I’m sensing a woman.” I’m sure she thought I was crazy at first, but praise God she kept listening. I told her how occasionally I felt the presence of a woman around me, and she was a woman I knew. I even found a journal entry from 4 years ago (9/22/07, to be exact) where I wrote about her. This woman was grounded, poised, confident, and secure. Who was she? I’m glad you asked. She was the me God created me to be. She was, also, the me I had yet to become.

But I was getting close.

She had my personality, my heart, and my spirit. She also had a few things I was still working on. She had a confidence that seemed to only play hide and seek with me. She was settled with who she was, from whence she’d come, where she was and where she wanted to go. I began to sense her presence often. Looking back, I am sure the Lord was giving me a vision of the woman He designed me to be. So I began to chase after her, determined that one day I would become her. provides the following as one of two noun definitions for the word becoming:

4. Aristotelianism . any change involving realization of potentialities, as a movement from the lower level of potentiality to the higher level of actuality.

Now, I’m no follower of Greek philosophers, but this definition seems to tie a pretty little bow on what I’m trying to say here. And this is a large part of what the new Completely You blog home will be all about – one woman’s journey of moving from the lower level of her potential to the higher level of actually becoming the woman God designed. I’m praying my journey will intersect with yours, and maybe we’ll continue the process of becoming together.

Where are you in your process of becoming the woman God designed and intended for you to be?

Completely me,

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Wanda
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 20:23:09

    Glad to see your writing pushing yourself and writing again Monica. I think becoming is the perfect word for me these days. I becoming more of the woman God destined me to be.


    • Monica P. Watkins
      Oct 04, 2011 @ 22:07:14

      Thank you, Wanda. As always, I love seeing your comments.You may not think so, but your words of encouragement are pretty darn valuable on the road of my becoming. 🙂


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