Be Encouraged

Hello, my friends! Happy Tuesday!

I tried desperately to create something meaningful for the letter E. Words like everything and energy and names like Eve and Esther were tossed about in my mind like raffle tickets in an over-sized drum. The spinning in my head only served to make me a bit discouraged and probably a little dizzy, too.

Then I heard the phrase “be encouraged”. Those two words are the title to an old gospel song I used to love. After all these years, hearing the song still gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and a melodic assurance that God is in control. Let me tell you, I need both of those these days. It may be a long shot, but I’m guessing that if I need to be encouraged someone else out there may need to be encouraged, as well.

So instead of stressing over the fact that I can’t spring forth witty words and fancy phrases today, I’m going to go with what seemed to come to mind naturally.

Be encouraged today, my friends. See you tomorrow.

Completely me,



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