Psalms 136

It’s 11:44pm on Friday night, and I am just settling down for the evening. Tonight I will snuggle into my childhood twin bed and probably (hopefully) sleep like a baby. Although being home isn’t the same without my father here, there is still no place like home.

Thursday, my devotion time included the reading of Psalms 136. This passage of scripture reads like a holy resume, filled with history of God’s goodness, grace, and love and encouragement to give Him thanks.

So, today (because it’s now officially Saturday) I’m sure you have a busy day planned. However, I hope you’ll find a few moments to steal away, slip into the pages of God’s word and read these 26 simple verses. And if you do, I pray those verses will bless your day the way they blessed mine.

See you tomorrow!

Completely SLEEPY,

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