Happy Anniversary to Me!

Wisdom, Virtue, Rubies….

You will never believe how often I think about these three words.  Right behind them, or right alongside them, I think about you.

Wisdom, virtue and rubies.  Those words were given to me somewhere around August 2008.  I was writing my very first bible study lesson for a group of women who’d, for some strange reason, agreed to walk with me for 9 months in a small group bible study.  🙂  Back then that group was called The Future Wives Club, and “Wisdom, Virtue and Rubies” was the title of our very first bible study lesson.  Part of my vision was (and still is) to teach unmarried women the importance of preparing their hearts, minds, and spirits for marriage.

Looking back, I realize the lessons I prepared over those 9 months spoke more to the character of a woman than to preparation for marriage.  I guess character is a pretty critical component in that area, wouldn’t you agree?

Those 9 months were the most exciting I’ve ever experienced!  I was unemployed and had fewer material possessions than I’d ever had before, yet my heart would dance from month to  month as I allowed the Spirit of the Lord to stretch me to bring forth a new lesson for the ladies who had joined me.  I LOVED IT!

Somewhere around the 4th or 5th month, I found myself squirming like a two year old in timeout trying to determine the direction for the upcoming lesson.  I mean we’re talking a two year old little BOY, my friends, and I’m sure we’ve all seen how challenging it is for a toddler little boy to sit still.  Anyhoo, at the end of my squirming came a lesson based on one little ol’ word – SURRENDER!  LOL….  As it turns out, I was trying so hard to maintain a consistent pattern (cute words for CONTROL) to the lessons that I had inched away from allowing the Lord to lead me to the lesson in a fresh, new way each month. I needed to surrender.

That was just one of the many lessons I learned during those beautiful months.  Girlfriend, I could tell you some stories!  LOL…  Lord knows, I fumbled a great deal those 9 months.  I still reflect on some of my mistakes, even now.  However, I’ve been told fumbles are part of the raw materials necessary to build a great leader.  I pray that’s true in my case, as well. 🙂

The vision has evolved quite a bit since I launched the bible study 2 years ago.  Our first meeting was held in a small, eclectic neighborhood coffee shop on a Saturday morning, exactly 2 years ago today (September 20, 2008).  Happy anniversary to me! (This trip down memory lane is beginning to make a whole lot more sense to you now, isn’t it?! lol…)  Writing those lessons, sharing with those women…. well, it was my sweet spot, sisters.  It was that place where my heart beat wildly with joy!  I had great anticipation, because I had NO IDEA what to expect from one month to the next!  I LOVED running with all swiftness to carry the special messages from the heart of the Father to the hearts of His daughters.  It was more than my pleasure.  It was an honor!

Two years later, my heart longs to do it all over again.  Although I love this blog, and I’m so thankful to each of you who join me here, I knew it would never completely satisfy satiate my appetite for sharing with God’s daughters.  I pray this corner of blog land becomes our place where the Lord keeps us connected, even as He watches between us while we are absent one from another. The ultimate desire of my heart, however, is to meet you, to shake your hands, hug your necks, cry with you, laugh with you, pray with you, study with you, and grow with you.  I hope that many more women will meet us here after I have met them out there, in the REAL WORLD!!

So, this is my anniversary prayer:

Lord, thank you for this beautiful day, one we’ve never seen before.  We’re delighted to see what you have in store for us today.

Two years ago today, You blessed me to be a messenger for You.  I’m still humbled that You would do anything so meaningful with one who’s failed you as often as I have in the past and am sure to do so in the future.  In spite of my multitude of flaws and fumbles, it was the sweetest time of my life.  I saw your glory.  I thank you for the wilderness that followed.  I thought I wouldn’t make it, but You knew I would.  Now, here I am – on the other side and ready to go again!  Take me to the next level of Your glory.  I know there’s more you would have me to say.  I know there are more of your daughters you would have me to encourage and more of them You will send to encourage me.  I thank you for them, in advance.

Lord, today, on my anniversary, I say “Yes” again.  Two years ago, I didn’t know what would flow from my “yes”.  Today, I know very well the consequences of “yes”.  And I still say YES!

Now I pray for your daughters.  You called us to seek wisdom, to treasure virtue and to understand value.  This calling is often more challenging than we expected, but we can do all things through You.   There are some who are uncertain about who they are and why they’re here.  I know that feeling.  I’ve been there.  I pray that clarity from You begins TODAY.  Let her know she’s not a mistake.  She was created on purpose, for a purpose – to bring You glory!  Whisper that to her, wherever she is.  Let her know, You are a God who is immune to mistakes.  And we are all so thankful for that!

Lord, we will remain committed to be led by Your word and by Your Spirit to become women of your original design.

Wise, Virtuous, Valuable,


Wisdom, Virtue & Rubies

Woman…. I see her as a priceless work of art birthed from God’s unimaginable imagination.  Her form is of incomparable beauty, carefully hand-crafted with exquisite detail and filled with strength, intellect, courage, and creativity.

Wisdom, Virtue, & Rubies…..Proverbs 31:10 asks, “Who can find a virtuous woman?  For her price is far above rubies.”  A woman was created to be wise, to be virtuous, and to be of value far greater than the rare ruby stone.

Today, we as women are highly educated, skillfully trained, and proudly independent.  Yet, lately, I find myself frequently asking the following questions:

–         What was God’s original design and plan for me as a woman?

–         Are my plans in line with His?

–         What’s really on the heart of God, and in what way did He design me to bring delight to His heart?

–         Am I a wise woman?

–         What does it really mean to be virtuous?

–         And what’s so special about a darn ruby; aren’t diamonds supposed to be a girl’s best friend?  LOL!

–         How do I return to the original form and character given to me by my Father?

Wisdom, Virtue, & Rubies….Is it vastly unreasonable to think that, in all of our remarkable accomplishments as women, we’ve fallen short of God’s original plan and design for His daughters?  It saddens me to see that we’re high on degrees but low on wisdom, high on vision but low on virtue, valuable in the marketplace but not to the face in the mirror.

Wisdom, Virtue, and Rubies speaks of the character and value of God’s original design for women.  Personally, there’s no woman I’d rather be than the woman of God’s original intent and design.  Is that your desire, as well?  I caution you to think carefully before you answer.  You may find, as I did at the start of my journey, your answer and your current life story, sadly, do not agree.  Let’s journey together, shall we.

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