A Milestone and a Challenge

Hello my friends! Happy Monday to you!

Today is a pretty special day. Before starting this post I stumbled upon the fact that this will be my 100th published blog post! 100 posts… wow! What a milestone. 100 is a pretty hefty number to me in this blog world, so “Happy 100th Blog Post to me!”

The last time we hung out I asked you to save the date for my “MOVE THAT BUS” moment, the big reveal of my (OUR) new blog home.

After giving Carol (I consider her the “interior decorator”) my final approval on the blog’s design, I notified Lisa, my site hostess, that I was ready to rock and roll. Lisa is the technigenius (Yes! I made that word up) who will put all the pieces of the puzzle together to build the final “picture”, which is the new site. She placed me on her calendar for an October 17th launch date. Lisa knew the date would seem a little distant to me, and it did, but I know she has a host (no pun intended) of work on her plate. Truth be told, she probably knew I needed a little extra time to get myself together.

At the time the date was set, there were exactly 40 days between then and my October 17th “go live” date. I’m still counting down the days with great excitement mixed with a dash of nervousness. Today marks just 21 days to go.

As you can imagine, the heat is on! The Completely You site will mark the starting point of a completely new journey. The title says it all. Given my life story over the past month and a half, I am well aware that I need an extra push of sorts to get ready to share with you at the new place. So, I’m giving myself a little challenge. In order to get the ball rolling, on October 3rd I will begin a Be Completely You writing challenge. I will post for 15 days, using the letters that form the words “Be Completely You”.

No rules. Just WRITE…. (or post in SOME way, lol)!

Special thanks to my special friend who deserves all the credit for this idea. He probably doesn’t even remember it, but now he will know that I really do listen to him! (Hopefully, he knows that anyway! 🙂 ) I have no idea where those 15 days will take me, but I’m up for the challenge. I hope you are, too. So get out your red pen one more time and circle Monday, October 3rd on your calendar. We’re taking a 15 day pilgrimage to our new Completely You home with the Be Completely You writing challenge. Be there or be square!! (Wow…I think I’ve missed saying that! LOL)

Until next time…

Completely me,


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